Space Is a Lonely Place

From The Monoverse: A Non-Linear Sci-Fi Epic
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Space... is empty.

Humans are special… we are alone in this universe. There are no “aliens” — there never were. The only things out there, other than ourselves, are our monstrous creations. The word “Human” itself is only a blanket word to describe someone with a biological heritage of coming from the Old Earth.

Why were we created and left stranded on a tiny planet without purpose? Are we to build castles in our sandbox only to inevitably destroy them one day? We certainly didn’t care to preserve what was “naturally” created. The Old Earth is being mined to its core for its natural resources. A large undertaking by the governments to get off the planet went into effect — they fucked up with no hope in sight of ever returning the Old Earth to livable conditions. An element of this plan was transplanting all of the water of Old Earth to Luna and Mars. There’s something to be said when the wastelands of other planets are more hopeful for living than the rock you started out on.

Once humans were finally able to use commercialized space travel to their benefit, they also learned how to exploit practically any planet to make it livable, or consume it for the wealth it contains. Humans have splintered out into the far reaches of the expanse, never to be reunited again. Nowadays, humans don’t even need planets to live — they go from area to area consuming, destroying, and moving on.

“God” certainly had it in for the monoverse when he created us.