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Population: 2 Billion

Capitol: UN Luna

Planetary Profile:

Luna is one of the "tent-poles" of the Old Earth relocation. In conjunction with Mars, Luna is considered the "new" home of humanity. Luna is the name of the moon that revolved around the Old Earth.

In UY 1, Luna underwent a massive terraformation, and nearly half of Luna became hospitable for normal life as it would have been on Earth. An Earth-like atmosphere was created shortly before in preparation for the terraforming and the relocation.

During UY 1, Luna was used as a temporary habitation for as much as 3/4 of the Old Earth population. Within the first quarter UY of UY 1, many groups of people decided whether to stay or purchase vessels to live out in the reaches of space. Many groups stayed on the planet itself, while many stayed in orbit in space ships due to space constraints on the surface. Nearly half of the population went to Mars to see if their fortunes would be better off there instead.

By UY 10, all of Luna had undergone its terraformation and development and modernization of the planet becomes less restrained, allowing for more of its surface to be used by new inhabitants. At this point, Luna had reached a leveling population.

In UY 12, Luna is pushed out of the revolution of the Old Earth. Citizens (and some lobbyists from a certain corporation) of Luna elected to be pushed into the orbit of the new Earth resort.

By UY 15, Luna is finally set in its new revolution around the new Earth.


The government is akin to a parliamentary system. An appointed group of leaders from Old Earth convene in a diplomatic manner and create policies. There are fifteen head legislators of the planet who also administer specific parts of the government. There is not one figurehead in this form of government, and decisions are always seen as a group effort in deliberation. The government is established and authorized by the United Nations of the Old Earth. Luna's sister planet, Mars, is also ran in an identical fashion, however the people that run each individual planet are different.


Luna's most influential business is that of importing and exporting people. Luna is used as an "airport" for space, and the only people still remaining on Luna are those who cannot afford to leave or choose to stay because they have no other place to go. Luna is still finding its place in the form of business. It is also seen as a stopgap between Earth and Old Earth, and is consistently used as a rest stop before venturing to either location. Luna is also used as a stopgap to Mars, as well, primarily in the import/export business. Luna is essentially a glorified port town.