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The Monoverse” is a non-linear sci-fi story. The point of this web site is for you to explore the world of The Monoverse and slowly absorb the story through its theories, atmosphere, societal norms, planets, people, productions, corporations — everything this “universe” has within it.

Main characters of this story range from an assassin, to a miner, to a politician, to a CEO of a corporation that runs an the Earth as a theme park. Minor characters can be as insignificant as a mite of dust floating around at the edge of the Monoverse, or as huge as a "living" planet out to eat other celestial bodies — and more.

These writings are based upon my own knowledge of space (whether its correct or just plain wrong) and influences from cultural science fiction that I have had contact with. While I don’t claim that any of the “scientific” theories are correct or even possible as far as physics go just by the very nature of what I’m explaining, suspension of disbelief is necessary to enjoy this web site.

The themes I try to draw upon in most of my story-telling are about life as we know it - real life vs. fake life. The questioning of whether really is a “real life” and the made up worlds we create to escape it — our dreams and our own created universes. These include, but are not limited to: Reality vs. Created Reality (Such as games), Life vs. The Afterlife, etc.

My personal belief is that the culture of science fiction we create around ourselves will ultimately shape the way we approach the future. For better or worse, when we get closer to leaving the Earth, we will see many fictional concepts and popular sci-fi names/concepts defictionalized, in homage to things we have created in our minds and on our screens.

In a more down-to-the-point storytelling intent, The Monoverse is about Time, Space, our perception of Reality. I do not intend there to ever be “aliens.” But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t horrific elements to the universe that are mysterious and may be seen as such. I also draw upon the goal of "absurdity in sincerity" when writing these stories.

The content of The Monoverse is based on "Absurdity in Sincerity." Almost all of the concepts in The Monoverse are absurd, but everything is very sincere within the confines of this absurdity.