Old Earth

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Population: 0

Capitol: None

Planetary Profile:

Old Earth is an on-going mining project. After the majority of its water and vital natural resources had been moved off-planet to develop Luna and Mars, Old Earth began to be stripped and mined to its core. While it is still technically a planet, and revolves around its same rotation around its sun, it no longer has Luna revolving around it. Once the new Earth had been constructed in just 10 UY after the Evacuation of Old Earth, Luna was "pushed" into the gravity field of the new Earth. Earth and Old Earth are at exact opposites in the rotations, always being nearly 2 AU apart.

Earth and Old Earth are essentially binary planets that revolve in the same rotation, and through human technology, it was made to be the case, and is constantly monitored to make sure it is in equilibrium.

Old Earth is surrounded by 5 Planetary Class mining vessels owned by the Sybil Mining Expeditionary Corporation. The subset of the corporation that manages the mining of Old Earth is Sybil Earth Mining. It is planned that the atmosphere itself will be sucked up and transplanted onto another planet once it is ready to happen.

Old Earth itself is not very livable anymore, which was the original reason it was evacuated completely. All walks of life were uprooted from their homes, forced onto spaceships with whatever possessions they could bring (they were forced to take all of their possessions they cared for, and were given months to plan for, it was a very "humane" relocation process). Anything left on Old Earth is claimed as property of Sybil Earth Mining, unless a claims process had approved for the return of particular items that may have been left on the Old Earth after the evacuation. Everything else, including mountains and the ground itself are processed, separated, and shipped out as whatever product it was recognized as. Any remaining agriculture that could not be shipped off planet was destroyed and shipped in large bins along with the dirt it grew in to one of the 5 Mining vessels orbiting it at strategic points around Old Earth.

The project itself has earned Sybil Earth Mining, and its parent company, a healthy sum and will sustain them completely while they ramp up their Asteroid Belt mining program due to begin in UY 50.

Any monuments or buildings that were deemed as worth keeping, are deconstructed and reconstructed on the newer Earth. There may be a few splotches of humans left on the surface, but they are captured and transported off the planet when found.


There is no government present on Old Earth.


There are no imports to the planet itself. The only exports are minerals, remnants of Old Earth constructs, plant and animal life that has not been contained and shipped out. Any materials that cannot be processed in the 5 orbiting mining vessels are shipped to Luna or Mars for further processing.