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Population: 50,000

Capitol: EEHQ (Earth Enterprises HQ), located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Planetary Profile:

The apparent birthplace of humans and the HomeLoc of nearly 40% of the universe's population, Earth is no longer a "planet," as it was stripped down to its core for all of its minerals and its resources used for habitation on the planets of Luna and Mars during the first Universal Year. A "replacement" planet was erected in its honor in the UY 10 when the citizens of Luna began to wonder what it was like to have an Earthrise. This new "Earth" is called "Earth," but it is more like a second Earth.

This second Earth is more or less a huge space vessel (classified as Massive Class) with an artificial atmosphere to create Earth-like conditions on the surface of the vessel. The Earth has since become a popular tourist destination and the people that staff it now call it home. Any new HomeLocs set to the second Earth now have an asterisk to annotate that it is the second Earth, rather than the Old Earth.


Earth is run by a corporation called Earth Enterprises, which is owned by another corporation named Universal Enterprises. Earth Enterprises is classified as a feudal-totalitarian government -- primarily headed by its CEO, Dan Winston. The only time Dan Winston's "rule" is circumvented is by the UE home office's verdict, which isn't too often, considering if they didn't like what Dan Winston was doing, they'd sooner replace him than constantly have to correct him.


Largely a tourist attraction, there is very little that is exported except people leaving. Imported goods range from alcohol to suntan lotion. Earth is basically a huge sea-liner floating through space, and the goods consumed reflect mostly utilitarian imports.