Anigma Terraformers

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Anigma Terraformers is the number one terraforming corporation. "Anigma-T," as some like to call this corporation, has aided in the terraforming operations of Luna and Mars. Since the relocation, Mars has become the new headquarters for the corporation.

Anigma Terraformers was in the employ of the United Nations to convert Mars into a habitable planet long before the Old Earth relocation had been executed.

The technology that Anigma Terraformers uses is a cherished secret within the corporation, and even though many Frigate Class (and larger) ships have Anigma Terraforming technology implemented on them, Anigma is the only corporation that has been able to keep creating the technology for actual use.

There are several arms to the Anigma Terraforming corporation. The "bread-and-butter" of the corporation is the actual terraforming services. These terraforming services are billed as the most professional and safe terraforming anyone can offer.

The secondary operation for Anigma Terraforming is the manufacturing of portable minor-scale terraforming devices and ships. These are sold at a consumer level and Anigma Terraforming reinforces or creates ships with its technology to make terraforming possible in the far points of space.

Another part of the corporation is its research and development. This section is highly coveted and very secretive. The technology that makes terraforming possible is kept as secret as possible and is constantly being improved upon.