All-Encompassing Outer Non-Existence

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The All-Encompassing Outer Non-Existence (also referred to as the AEONE, pronounced A-On-E) is the area that surrounds the Monoverse. Within this area, it is theorized that all the information ever to be created within the Monoverse is stored here in some fashion.

It is also imagined if you are able to reach this area, you will be able to live forever, and have access to the infinite amount of information present. It is believed this zone is essentially comprised of an ocean of pure energy.

It is also believed that it is literally impossible to reach the AEONE, or to even detect it. Since it is not in existence, once reached, you will experience a "dream-like" state in which you will probably never wake up.

   Who Made the AEONE?

There is not one thing that made the AEONE, but supplying that the theory of the Big Bang is correct, the AEONE may have been a side-effect of it, in which it was made with the purpose of keeping the Monoverse stable in keeping its infinite size and applications within itself naturally. For all intents and purposes, the AEONE is the "physical" manifestation of what could be called God.

   If the AEONE gathers info through the senses and minds of people, then what about those who cannot think, see, hear, etc?

Though these things are unusable by humans with their unique disabilities, the AEONE is still able to gather information through these receivers, even though the humans cannot. The biological attachments to these receptors are but only the “human side” of the interaction by the AEONE. Think of it as watching the same television at the same time, but then having it angled away from you. There is also the possibility that a “3rd person” view is also recorded for each person.

   How would one reach the AEONE if the Monoverse is infinite?

In theory it would be possible if going in a straight line away from the middle of the universe, until the AEONE is reached. The trick is finding the middle of the universe. You wouldn’t know if you were heading towards it or away from it. But, you could always pick a direction and just go, providing the curves of the universe itself do not throw you off and make you circle around its multi-planar existence. However, anticipating the curves of the Monoverse and avoiding following them unintentionally is quite difficult.

   Since there are potentially more than one Universe occupying the same place (noted as a Dimension) does this mean there are more than one AEONE?

No. The AEONE does not adhere to the rules of existence. The AEONE serves all dimensions (noted as Bubble Universes), just as it does for the Core Universe.